No Skids Allowed! A Pentester’s Primer



The contents of this compendium are provided as educational and reference material for those interested in legal hacking. They are not intended to promote nor encourage illegal activities. The creators of this guide are not responsible for the actions of its readers.



This version of No Skids Allowed! was published May 28th, 2020.

  • 2020.05.28: Revised layout and added walk-through of Lame from HackTheBox.

  • 2020.05.10: Reorganized document in preparation of expansion. Added etiquette.

  • 2020.04.10: Created website (with Tor support) and Keybase team.

  • 2020.04.07: Finished walk-through of Kioptrix Level 1 from VulnHub.

  • 2020.03.16: Finished “First Steps” chapter, detailing walk-through of Legacy from HackTheBox.