Kioptrix Level 1




ARP-Scan: The ARP Scanner

Enum4linux: SMB & Samba Enumeration

The Metasploit Framework: Hacking on Rails

Netcat: The Network Swiss-Army Knife

Netcat Reverse Shells

Nmap: the Network Mapper

Transferring Files with Python

SearchSploit: a Searchable Database of Exploits

Tee: Transparently Save Output from Tools

Originally released in February of 2010, this VulnHub VM is aimed at novice hackers, and is designed to teach the basics. This VM can be downloaded from its official VulnHub page. Alternatively, the image can be downloaded from this mirror.

Once you’ve downloaded the VM, extract it to a folder and import it into the VM manager of your choice. This VM was designed for VMWare, but it can be imported into VirtualBox with minimal effort.

With this complete, go ahead and boot up Kioptrix Level 1 and your Kali VM, and you’re ready to begin!